North Tahoe Bike Rides – How to Use the Maps:
1) Browse the ride list, click the name of the ride to see its placement on the map OR Click the icons on map to view pop-up ride information.
2) Click “Ride Details” to be taken to the individual ride page with maps, directions, photos and more.

Phones/Tablets: We recommend viewing the map in landscape/horizontal position.

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North Lake Cruiser Bike Ride: 39.171358, -120.140528
Historic Truckee River Cruiser Bike Ride: 39.199892, -120.200948
Squaw Valley Cruiser Bike Ride: 39.206986, -120.210674
West Lake Cruiser Bike Ride: 39.141483, -120.154438
Lakeshore Cruiser Bike Ride: 39.239274, -119.942984
Tahoe XC Loop Mountain Bike Ride: 39.197121, -120.106378
Spooner Summit-The Bench Mountain Bike Ride: 39.104369, -119.895675
Flume Trail Out & Back Mountain Bike Ride: 39.109864, -119.922368
Mt Rose to Spooner Lake Mountain Bike Ride: 39.300973, -119.919756
Painted Rock Mountain Bike Ride: 39.213624, -120.176223
Tahoe City-Truckee Out & Back Road Bike Ride: 39.171352, -120.187043
Brockway Summit Loop Road Bike Ride: 39.287117, -120.103916
Inspiration Point Out & Back Road Bike Ride: 39.081679, -120.157872
Mt Rose Out & Back Road Bike Ride: 39.268485, -119.936074