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Carson Valley Visitors Authority shared a great article featuring top mountain bike rides in the Carson Valley:

Carson Valley sits on the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada, a bona fide basecamp to over 50 miles and growing of diverse track. Many of these rides are relatively unknown and fresh for the taking. While nearby and more crowded high-altitude routes sit under snowpack well into the late spring, the Carson Valley trails are rideable most, if not all year.

The Carson Range rising between Lake Tahoe and Carson Valley tempts riders with the likes of more than 3,800 feet of nearly continuous high-speed singletrack descent from the top of the Tahoe Rim Trail to the valley below.

For those seeking either a hardcore workout or just a casual route, singletrack out-and-backs and loops span the region. Be it high speed or high endurance, rides in Carson Valley often start among sage and bitterbrush in the high desert. Push on a little further and trails up their technical challenge but reward with creek crossings, shaded pine forests and spectacular valley views to the east and Lake Tahoe views over the summit to the west….

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