In Lake Tahoe Biking

All too frequently bike rides are described by difficulty — describing a trail as either being easy, intermediate, advance or expert. Bike Tahoe believes these difficulty categories are really an attempt to describe the skills needed to ride specific trail’s features, but there is little available information describing those features or what skills need to be present to ride them. For example, what features are present on an intermediate mountain bike ride and what skills are needed to ride them?

Bike Tahoe takes a different approach. Strongly influenced by professional ski instructors, who make daily decisions about matching a guest’s skill level with appropriate terrain features, Bike Tahoe emulates a ski area’s approach by using signs with graphic representation of terrain features. Each ride in the Guide has a Challenge Level sign and brief description to help bicyclists self select the most appropriate ride to match their interest and skill level.

Here are the Challenge Levels and their corresponding descriptions for terrain type and anticipated riding approach.

green-7575`Green. Level. Predictable. Leisure

Blue. Undulating. Variable. Athletic

Black. Steep. Technical. Endurance

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