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Bicycling in the fall is Trans-formative.

The benefits of fall bicycling in Tahoe are many and not to be missed. Typically starting in September, and often going through November, fall’s vibe and colors change, and you may too.

It is a time when the speed and pacing in the area begins slowing down. There is less traffic on the roads, tourism is reduced, and beaches and bike-ways have fewer people on them. The personality of the Lake also goes through a change by becoming calmer and clearer. The suspended particulates that have been agitated from summer winds and water sport activities begin settling to the bottom of the Lake and its world-renowned clarity sparkles.

Baldwin Beach

Baldwin Beach

As the sunlight shortens during the day and the temperatures begin falling, we see another transformation occurring in the color palette of our surroundings – vibrant green leaves giving way to the flickering gold and yellow leaves of the Aspen trees.  And we see squirrels and chipmunks scurrying about the bed of fallen leaves gathering supplies for the impending winter months.

This combination of shorter days with fewer people, water calmness, and brilliant colors all coalesce to evoke a mood of trans-formative power – at least for this writer. It’s a contemplative time to reflect on the past months and be present and connected with the aliveness of this remarkable eco-system in change.

The benefits of bicycling in the fall, whether through the neighborhoods, on the road or mountain tops, is a special time to be shared and enjoyed with family and friends.  It’s a seasonal transition time all cued up with the vibe and colors for giving thanks to where we have been and imagining where we are going.

See you on the ride,
Ty the Bike Guy

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