Bike Love: Lake Tahoe  Shopping

Lake Tahoe Shopping: Here is like a treasure hunt – it is a perfect adventure for exploring items that can include four seasons of art, clothing or equipment, and discovering that you love one.

As a year-round recreational mecca and an alpine lake mountain community there are numerous businesses who have assembled appropriate clothing, equipment and accessories necessary to support your outdoor interests and activities – for any age. Whether you are a novice to a sport or a skilled athlete, you can trust staff members in being highly skilled and knowledgeable in understanding your needs and offering you recommendations to either purchase or rent the best possible items for your plans.

This active mountain-lake lifestyle attracts creative people from around the world who decide to settle here and call Tahoe home. For many of them, this unique alpine environment inspires their creativity to capture, express and share through photography, paintings, sculpture and other mediums the ever-changing moods and colors of the region. Once you are here and witness the grand beauty of snow-capped peaks, crystalline waters, colorful wildflowers or majestic sunsets and moonrises, you may want to capture those experiences yourself with lasting local art for your home or office – it can be an excellent way to re-ignite those transformative memories and share them with others for years to come.

There are several boutique art galleries around the Lake displaying local artists’ work and the artwork of others from out of the area. Be sure to stop in a gallery, meander around the room and notice which artwork draws you closer for a more personal connection and introspection. The gallery experience can be like entering a kaleidoscope of changing colors, textures and reflections of the moods and colors of this special region – you may be astonished by the artistic creativity and surprised with the feelings evoked by your visit.