Distance: 3.47 mi
Elevation: 16 ft

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Carson River Road MAP 38.786118, -119.802709

Carson River Road Bike Ride Details

GPS: 38.780113/-119.821324 Carson River Road & Hwy 88

Ride Overview:
For a shorter ride or as another option than Diamond Valley ride, take Carson River Rd. located across Hwy 88 just before Woodfords. This riverside road is 3.47 miles in length and connects to Diamond Valley Rd at Paynesville. Turn left, cross Hwy 88 and you are on Foothill Rd.

  • Snowshoe Thompson's front yard and winter route to Sacramento
  • In respect and gratitude to Snowshoe Thompson
  • diamond-valley-road-bike-ride-snowshoe-thompson
    Historic marker