Bike Love: Lake Tahoe Lodging

Lake Tahoe Lodging: Location, amenities and economies all combine to form your perfect stay with a mood that can inspire the spirit, relax the body or free the mind to be here now.

Choosing your place of rest is an important decision for you and those you are sharing the adventure. Your options are many and your choice may be influenced by how you want to experience and connect with the love Tahoe has to offer. Lodging options can be down and dirty, intimate and cozy or upbeat and wild.

Surrounding the Lake are beautifully maintained campgrounds where you can pitch a tent or park an RV and be close to beaches, parks, services and shopping easily accessible by bike. Another option is an array of charming motels and hotels nestled in the forest or directly on the beach offering water access. Their Tahoe style of architecture built with logs or adorned with local furnishings and artwork can evoke a special time for rejuvenating the spirit and deepening your connection with place and each other. It can be a stress-free time out from work and your busy schedule in a peaceful setting to inspire reading the best seller that’s been on the self for months, or a time in which to write, share an intimate conversation or reconnect to what your heart most desires.
You want to walk, talk, dance and play on the wild side – no problem. Tahoe has several excellent resort casinos and spas offering you and your posse 24 hours of options. You can party down and dance the night away in their night clubs, or try your chance at breaking the bank with a variety of gaming options. After a late night of ‘getting down’ or a full day of activity, you can chose to “chill” by scheduling a spa visit for a massage or hot tub to ease tired and stiff muscles and enjoy a full mind-body treatment for relaxation.

For more dining, shopping or activity options, check with your properties concierge and they can help guide and connect you to more Tahoe love.