The Bike Tahoe Ride Guide offers a few ways to select the best ride(s) for your interest, skill level, and your sense of adventure. Here are the ways:

Your Lodging Area
Locate and click on the area you will be lodging and a directory of ride options and maps appear.

Your Riding Style
From the directory of rides, select and click on your riding style: Leisure, Mountain or Road rides.

Your Challenge Level
Each ride is challenge rated and identified by the colors Green, Blue and Black – similar to ski area trail designations. Select and click the best challenge ride that matches your skills and fitness levels.

The Challenge Rating System
Green Rides typically have very little elevation gain, are on a smooth surface, and require basic bike handling skills. These rides may be on bike paths, neighborhood connector streets, and there are a few native surface trails for mountain biking. They are generally 5 +/- miles in length.

Blue Rides represent a wide variety of options and variables that include: elevation gain, steepness, distance, rocky terrain, and the necessary technical skills to negotiate obstacles, and fitness levels to endure steep climbs at altitude or longer distances on the road. Mountain bike rides are generally 10 -15 +/- miles in length. Road rides 15-25 +/- miles in length.

Black Rides, like black diamond runs at ski resorts, are steep, have many obstacles on the trails, may require hike-a-bike in certain situations, and have significant distance and elevation gain. Riding capacities needed are: a high level of technical riding competency, self-reliant capable (mechanical, nutrition, hydration, first aid), and a higher level of strength, fitness and endurance to climb at elevation and sustain distance. Black mountain bike rides are generally more than 15 miles in distance and road rides generally more than 50 miles.

When in Doubt – Check it Out
When in doubt what and where may be the best ride for you, check it out with a local full service bike shop. They have the local knowledge and experience of the rides and current conditions – on and off the trails.

Have fun, be safe, and share your Bike Tahoe experiences with others.