Type: Mountain
Distance: 4.67 miles
Elevation: 797 feet

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Happy Hour Loop MAP 38.968157, -119.928156

Happy Hour Loop Mountain Bike Trail Ride Detail

Smooth single track with few rocks, loose sand, short climb/descents and stream crossings.

Enter Van Sickle Bi-State Park and ride up the paved road to the gated end. On the right side is located a parking area and a kiosk indicating the single track trailhead. Cypress Way is on the other end of the Loop.

GPS: 38.954728, -119.941069 (Van Sickle Bi-State Park entrance)
GPS: 38.968157, -119.928156 (Cypress Way)

The Ride:
Happy Hour Loop Mountain Bike Trail: This is a fun single track loop providing a variety of terrain and a good workout when you have an hour or less – and, its right downtown from lodging, restaurants and work for locals. From the Park entrance ride uphill on the paved road to the trailhead. Climb up the single track and cross a double track junction – sign posts will guide you. Continue uphill bearing left and when you come to the second trail junction, turn left at KK trail post. You will be traversing the lower mountain with short climbs/descents and crossing a couple of stream zones. When you see the paved Easy Street, immediately turn left down Pony Express single track. Near the end, you will cross Edgewood Creek. Continue straight and you will arrive at Cypress Way – a paved neighborhood street. Turn left on Cypress Lane; right on Daggett Way and you will connect to Kingsbury Grade. Turn left and carefully descend to Hwy 50 where you turn left and return to your Stateline starting point.

This ride crosses two of the original Tahoe pioneer family ranches and way stations dating back to 1870’s: Van Sickle and the Parks. Gold seeking pioneers who could afford to pay a short cut fee ($25 per horse drawn covered wagon) used the Kingsbury toll road to cut 15 miles from their trip to Echo Summit. When they arrived near the lake, they were faced with another toll road managed by Van Sickle. This route was also used by the Pony Express with the Park Family managing Friday’s Station for wiry travelers. During that period, Friday’s Station was renamed Edgewood. Located on the corner of Hwy 50 and Lake Parkway is a commemorative plaque marking this historic location. Across the street from the plaque is a Wells Fargo Bank sitting on the original location of the Wells Fargo Stagecoach station. Today, the Edgewood name describes a public golf course which is also the home to the annually televised American Century Pro/Celebrity Golf Classic.

  • Year-round streams for the green
  • A quick loop to start the day
  • So close, yet so far away